Mystery Quilt in Progress (Weeks 1 through 4)

I’m participating in the Missouri Star Quilt Company‘s Mystery Quilt for a Cause this year, which is a quilt-along fundraiser for

Picked out my fabrics Valentine’s Day weekend and finished all of my cutting the following weekend.  Then I went home to Illinois during Week 1 and have been behind ever since. Finally got caught up last week (Week 4).  Had hoped to post these as I went, but that didn’t happen.  Although, seeing them all together gives a nice overview of the piecing process. Enjoy!

Fabric Selection:

Initial cuts:

Week 1:


Weeks 2, 3, and 4 (ended up doing these all at the same time):


In other news, my apartment is beginning to look like an elementary school science project.

And here’s my low budget alternative to warming mats…it works, almost all of my pepper seeds have now germinated!

Excited to be gearing up for spring!



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