Mother’s Day 2012

Made my mom one of my packable beach totes for mother’s day since we were on vacay down in Alabama that week.

  Made from dec weight fabric so its sturdy, but not too thick and bulky.
 Homemade label, see this blog for instructions.
And it rolls up for easy packing.

Saturday at Home

I am very thankful to have a few days at home this weekend.  We had planned to go backpacking up in Vermont on the long trail, but it looks like its raining all weekend up there.  We may still go up later in the weekend for a day hike.  Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Started off the morning by poking around the “garden” a bit.  We live in a condo, so it’s more or less containers on our deck, since we can’t plant anything in our big beautiful shared lawn.  We’re trying a few Earthboxes this year on our upstairs deck, we’ll see how it goes.  Here’s a little photo tour:

 6 pepper plants (2 red bell peppers, 2 Hungarian reds, and 2 pimento peppers) & 2 tomoatoes (a black cherry and I think a German Strawberry), all lovingly started from seeds by Jared & Tori
 Radishes, carrots, and 3 bush bean plants in the city picker, also a few flowers coming up and some lemon thyme courtesy of Robin 🙂
 Romaine lettuce, I just trimmed it for salads a few nights ago which is why it looks a little sparse
 Our first strawberry blossom, trying these in a hanging basket
 Sugar snap peas in a hanging basket, just lowered these this morning so they have more room to grow
Mint, smells heavenly

Then went for a walk downtown.  Picked up a coffee along the way at Higher Grounds.  The East Hampton Garden Club was having an outdoor plant sale and art show in the center of town.  Also stopped by my two favorites the Red Door Boutique and Anything Goes.  Both are always worth a stop if you are ever in the neighborhood.

Then I came home and whipped up this little headband.  It’s so muggy here today and I just cut my hair short again and needed something to hold it all back while I worked around the house.

Then I proceeded to finish redecorating the table.  The spring decorations were getting a little old.  I was able to incorporate some of the shells we found & a photo from our recent trip to Dauphin Island, AL (more pictures to follow soon).  The blue wicker place-mats (69 cents a piece) and white frame ($3) were Christmas Tree Shop finds, what a deal!


Made a surprisingly good lunch from the little food we have left.  We didn’t buy groceries this week in efforts to use up what we had on hand since we had planned on going away for the weekend.  But I threw this delicious pizza together using a leftover pita shell, a bottle of pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, Italian seasoning, and garlic!

Now I’m off to go crochet outside for a bit and finish the laundry before B comes home from work.  By the way, I finally learned how to crochet this week (with the help of You Tube) so that I can do this granny square sampler afghan crochet-a-long.  It’s a pattern created by Blair based on a 1970’s Better Homes & Gardens pattern.  The original is a very cool design, but the colors are hideous!  Each week this summer she will be posting instructions for a new square on her blog, with instructions on how to sew them all together at the end of summer.  Here are my week 1 squares:

Speaking of yarn crafts, one last thing…or two rather.  My knitting got two really cool shout-outs this week…  The first, was a hat that I had knit for Burkett’s sister, Aili, which she happen to wear in a Helly Hensen photo shoot.  Also be sure to check out Aili’s Helly Hensen video here (scroll about half way down).

 (sorry for the crappy picture, I took it with my old phone)
Second, a photo of another one of my projects was selected to use as a featured photo for the pattern on Ravelry.  Check out the Warm Up Hat pattern on ravelry, mine is the pink one with white trim.  Another project of mine was also featured a while back on ravelry, also check out the Little Pill Boxes Pillow, mine is the top photo.

Gearing up for vacay!

Spent the past weekend finishing up a few gifts & projects to take on vacation. I have been wanting to make a new beach bag, but need something light weight and easy to pack. After searching the internet and usual craft blogs, I came up empty handed in terms of a pattern, but did come up with a few features that I liked. So I combined these with a few ideas of my own and came up with this lovely little bag!

And it does this for easy packing…