July/August Garden Update

We’ve had some hot days out here over the last month.  The garden is looking a little wilted in the photo above, but hanging in there.  Thank goodness for cool evenings!
Garlic came out in late July and is currently drying.  Looking forward to using it in my tomato sauce this year and wishing I would have planted more…Carrots are ready too!
  Random little volunteer, succulent-like plant in my vegetable garden.Wildflowers and zinnias are blooming.
Tomato plants are loaded, just patiently waiting for them to ripen…they are so late this year.  Dreaming of a bigger, south-facing garden…maybe next year if I play my cards right.
  Love weekend, wine nights while piddling in the garden.And here’s a sneak peek of a quilt I made! That’s it for now.  Have a good weekend.



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