Week 3 Garden Update

Here are the first 3 weekends of working on the garden.

Week 1 – cleared a space at the end of the woods, made the keyhole garden foundation with rocks from the yard.

Week 2 – Made the center compost basket out of hardware cloth, topped with a plastic kitchen colander and filled the bed in with layers of brush, cardboard and composted soil from the town compost following these instructions. Will likely only be composting garden clippings as we’ve already had a bear spotted in the neighborhood this year. Also started planted perennials around the perimeter.

Week 3 – Earthboxes and keyhole garden planted with tomatoes and peppers. Planted a few more perennials from seeds around the perimeter (keeping my fingers crossed). Also put in a mulch path around the keyhole garden. Now just waiting for it all to grow!

Happy Gardening!



The Beginnings of a New Flower Garden

Began clearing and prepping a new flower garden this weekend, which will mostly be for perennials. My neighbor even helped me get started this morning by giving me her divisions, how nice!

Here is the before:


Here is now:

The rock structure in the middle is the beginnings of a keyhole garden…more on that later, if it actually works.

Will share updates as things progress.

And I’ll leave you with a blurry photo from an amazing concert. Saw Hunter Hayes with a friend last night, he is phenomenal!


Dan+Shay were also a great opener!