Sneak Peek

  Lots of rain here this weekend, which means Etsy shop products are in the works – here’s a sneak peek ūüôā


Cash Envelope Coin Purse

I’m a big fan of Dave Ramsey and the cash envelope system.¬† Using cash the last few years has really helped me to cut down on unnecessary spending.¬† You really don’t feel that money leaving your pocket with a debit or credit card like you do with cold, hard cash.

However, I also LOVE me a good Kate Spade wristlet – easily transitions from my work bag to a larger purse, or carry alone for a quick errand or evening out. ¬†But I was getting a little tired of my change and multiple paper envelopes, or stacks of bills paper clipped together, shuffling around in there, and wanted a cash organizer to fit inside. ¬†Many of the cash envelope wallets on Etsy were a bit large for my taste and wouldn’t have fit anyway…so I got to work and came up with my own!
Rather than label the slots, I used different accent colors on the front and back. ¬†Shouldn’t be too hard to remember as I only use 4 categories: gas, groceries, eating out, and shopping (clothes, home decor, garden, etc.). I put the fun stuff, eating out and shopping, on the pink side and gas and groceries on the light blue side. ¬†See…not too hard!¬† And the whole thing fits neatly inside a wristlet:¬†Also made some tasty things to eat this weekend. ¬†Picked 12 lbs of Strawberries plus rhubarb on Friday, and spent Saturday making lots of homemade desert…strawberry shortcake, a strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry Danishes, and still had lots left to freeze for the year. ¬† This next one was totally random, but turned out to be delicious. ¬†My second to last butternut squash from last fall, fresh kale from the garden, Vidalia onions, and garlic saut√©ed in olive oil with a little bit of salt and pepper, and served on top of quinoa. ¬†Also added Braggs nutritional yeast and liquid aminos. ¬†East peasy, delicious and healthy! ¬†¬†

Knitting Needle Case

My mom has started getting into knitting and I want to make her something for her new found hobby for Mother’s Day. ¬†After browsing several stores and Etsy for knitting needle case ideas, I must say I was sorely disappointed. ¬†Was wanting something that would hold a variety of needle types (straights, dpns, and circular), was well made, and had a handmade, timeless look. ¬†So…I just came up with my own! ¬†Made a few small mistakes and learned a some new things along the way, but overall I’m quite pleased!¬†


For comparison, much better than my old, cheapo Michaels version that I bought back in college.  May have to upgrade soon. IMG_1007

Even better…it’s made entirely of stash fabric, which forced me to actually organize¬† years worth of scraps in the process.