Is it Springtime yet?

The weather sure is having trouble making up its mind this year. It’s officially spring but certainly doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been trying to get a jump start on the garden, but it’s still tool cold to get much going.

Took some time to get the patio ready the weekend before Easter. Needed a space for the grill as it was taking up too much room on the patio, so I added these painted concrete pavers. Really pleased with the overall effect, and my quick spray paint job seems to be holding up well so far. I promise to put up a tutorial at some point.


Went ahead and started the herbs and lettuce, as well as cold weather pansies. Was going to wait a few more weeks, but Home Depot had them on sale for a great price (probably because it’s been so cold that no one is buying plants yet). Now I just have to remember to move them up under the roof each night…already lost the basil, oops.

Many more garden projects in the works and many more pictures to come!

Have a great week!



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