Natchez Day 2

Toured four more houses on day 2. The houses that look smaller, and perhaps not as impressive from the outside, in the tour guide book actually turned out to be the most impressive on the inside. Since photos weren’t allowed inside, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

20140323-220903.jpgHawthorne (1814).  Tour guides were definitely having the most fun at this house.  I’d say it was also the most “livable” of all that we toured.

20140323-220932.jpgElms Court (1837).  I wasn’t a huge fan of the interior, but the exterior is quite impressive.  Also had very nice gardens.  The next few pictures show the grounds.






20140323-221209.jpgStanton Hall (circa 1858).  Currently owned and fully restored by the Pilgrimage Garden Club.  Reminded me of a Newport, RI Party Mansion.


In my opinion, The Burn (1832) was the nicest house of all of those that we toured.  The home is actually much larger than it appears here, but my phone died before I could get more pictures from the back. It was nice to see the owners giving the tour here, seemed to know their history quite well! This house is also a B&B and looked quite nice.


Then after driving around for 30 minutes trying to find a place to eat that was open on a Sunday, we found this nifty little pub called King’s Tavern and spent the rest of the afternoon sipping craft beers and cocktails. It is actually located in the basement of the oldest building in Natchez (1769) and carries a lot of history…ghost stories and all.

20140323-222059.jpgNeat bar, made out of recycled barrels.

20140323-222110.jpgLoved the atmosphere, very laid back…

20140323-222118.jpgMy family 🙂

Full menu of classic cocktails…mint julep.

And last but NEVER least…shrimp and grits!  No trip to the south is complete without it 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photo tour.




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