Valentine’s Day in New Hampshire

Splurged on a Valentine’s Day this year with a trip to New Hampshire.  I found a killer deal for the Mountain View Grand a few months ago on Groupon, and Valentine’s Day weekend just happened to be one of the few weekends available during ski season that didn’t have a blackout date, so off to New Hampshire we went!

The hotel was absolutely amazing.  It’s a historic hotel nestled right in the middle of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Loved this little nook at the end of our hallway…

We also stopped at the outlets and EMS in North Conway, skied 2 days at Cannon, and visited the New England Ski Museum, which was a pleasant surprise.  We didn’t even know New England had a Ski Museum, but stumbled upon it on our way over to the tram at Cannon.

And now for the knitting section of this post…it turns out the Mountain View Grand has a knitting history.  Apparently a group of women from Whitefield, NH lead by one of the owners of the MVG used to knit mittens and other winter accessories that were sold in the gift shop and through R.H. Stearns Co., a former Boston department store.  What’s even better is the skier pattern featured on some of their mittens.  Really wish I could get my hands on this pattern.  But for now, here are a few pictures from the display case in the MVG lobby.


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