A Few Easter Decorations

Here are my Easter decorations!  I made the wreath and the place-mats!  Apothecary jar (with Cadbury Mini Eggs of course) and birdcage are from Michaels.


A Midwesterner turned New Englander?

I’m not sure if that transformation is entirely possible, but we’ll see how things unfold…

I am a Midwesterner and an avid crafter, living in New England by way of Central Illinois, Ohio, and South Carolina…with a brief stint in Alaska. However, after living in Connecticut for 2 years on what was supposed to be a temporary basis, I’ve decided to stay for a few simple reasons:

  • I found a really sweet job that is rewarding and gives me the flexibility and autonomy that I need to be able to enjoy coming to work most days of the week for the next, oh…30+ years.
  • I love winter and the great outdoors.
  • Despite my initial, preconceived notions, I’ve really come to enjoy living in New England (except for the traffic and taxes).

As a result, this blog is dedicated to sharing my love and passion for knitting and sewing. However, I promise you will also get a taste of my experiences living, eating, and drinking all that is New England. You will also likely get a flavor of my numerous other hobbies, including but not limited to: hiking, backpacking, biking, skiing, gardening, cooking, decorating, reading, and beer. Enjoy!